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Matka Guessing

Matka tips today
Open: 2 0 9 6
Open Panna: 156 569 135 150
Jodi: 20 09 93 64
Close: 2 5 8 0
Close Panna: 129 258 279 569
Open: 9 8 6 7
Open Panna: 289 369 150 359
Jodi: 96 83 62 70
Close: 11:30 AM
Close Panna: 11:30 AM
Open: 11:05 AM
Open Panna: 11:05 AM
Jodi: 11:05 AM
Close: 12:05 PM
Close Panna: 12:05 PM
Open: 11:15 AM
Open Panna: 11:15 AM
Jodi: 11:15 AM
Close: 12:15 PM
Close Panna: 12:15 PM
Open: 11:45 AM
Open Panna: 11:45 AM
Jodi: 11:45 AM
Close: 01:45 PM
Close Panna: 01:45 PM
Open: 12:30 PM
Open Panna: 12:30 PM
Jodi: 12:30 PM
Close: 02:45 PM
Close Panna: 02:45 PM
Open: 12:35 PM
Open Panna: 12:35 PM
Jodi: 12:35 PM
Close: 02:05 PM
Close Panna: 02:05 PM
Open: 01:00 PM
Open Panna: 01:00 PM
Jodi: 01:00 PM
Close: 02:00 PM
Close Panna: 02:00 PM
Open: 01:30 PM
Open Panna: 01:30 PM
Jodi: 01:30 PM
Close: 03:00 PM
Close Panna: 03:00 PM
Open: 01:45 PM
Open Panna: 01:45 PM
Jodi: 01:45 PM
Close: 03:45 PM
Close Panna: 03:45 PM
Open: 02:30 PM
Open Panna: 02:30 PM
Jodi: 02:30 PM
Close: 04:30 PM
Close Panna: 04:30 PM
Open: 03:05 PM
Open Panna: 03:05 PM
Jodi: 03:05 PM
Close: 05:05 PM
Close Panna: 05:05 PM
Open: 03:15 PM
Open Panna: 03:15 PM
Jodi: 03:15 PM
Close: 05:15 PM
Close Panna: 05:15 PM
Open: 04:45 PM
Open Panna: 04:45 PM
Jodi: 04:45 PM
Close: 06:45 PM
Close Panna: 06:45 PM
Open: 06:30 PM
Open Panna: 06:30 PM
Jodi: 06:30 PM
Close: 07:30 PM
Close Panna: 07:30 PM
Open: 08:00 PM
Open Panna: 08:00 PM
Jodi: 08:00 PM
Close: 10:00 PM
Close Panna: 10:00 PM
Open: 08:00 PM
Open Panna: 08:00 PM
Jodi: 08:00 PM
Close: 10:00 PM
Close Panna: 10:00 PM
Open: 08:15 PM
Open Panna: 08:15 PM
Jodi: 08:15 PM
Close: 10:15 PM
Close Panna: 10:15 PM
Open: 08:30 PM
Open Panna: 08:30 PM
Jodi: 08:30 PM
Close: 10:30 PM
Close Panna: 10:30 PM
Open: 09:00 PM
Open Panna: 09:00 PM
Jodi: 09:00 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Open: 09:00 PM
Open Panna: 09:00 PM
Jodi: 09:00 PM
Close: 11:15 PM
Close Panna: 11:15 PM
Open: 09:05 PM
Open Panna: 09:05 PM
Jodi: 09:05 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Open: 09:05 PM
Open Panna: 09:05 PM
Jodi: 09:05 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Open: 09:30 PM
Open Panna: 09:30 PM
Jodi: 09:30 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Open: 09:45 PM
Open Panna: 09:45 PM
Jodi: 09:45 PM
Close: 11:45 PM
Close Panna: 11:45 PM
Matka Guessing

Matka Guessing Today

Matka Passing Record
Time Bazar Open 0 Pass
Milan Day Open 3 Pass
Rajdhani Day Open 0 Pass
Rajdhani Day Close 5 Pass
Kalyan Open 1 Pass
Kalyan Close 0 Pass
Milan Night Open 0 Pass
Milan Night Close 5 Pass
Old Main Mumbai Open 4 Pass
Tara Open 5 Pass
Worli Close 3 Pass
Worli Close Panna 238 Pass
Kuber Open 6 Pass
Sridevi Night Open 4 Pass
Sridevi Night Close 3 Pass
Madhur Day Open 0 Pass
Main Bazar Open 6 Pass
Main Bazar Close 8 Pass
Milan Morning Close 1 Pass
Supreme Day Open 4 Pass
Supreme Day Close 1 Pass
Maharani Night Open 0 Pass
Maharani Night Close 2 Pass
Maharani Day Close 8 Pass

Satta Matta Matka: Free Matka Guessing & Matka tips to Win Matka Game Today

Satta Matka or Satta Matta Matka or Satta is a form of Matka Lottery game. Kalyan Bhagat started his Satta Market in 1962 with Worli Matka. Matka is a game of guessing Matka numbers like Matka Jodi, Matka Patti, Matka Open, and Close. If you bid on a Matka number and it is the Matka Result of the day, you win the Matka game. Winning the Matka game with the highest bid makes you the Matka King!

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SattaMatkaz, previously FixMatka, is the best Matka Guessing site in Satta Market. Play the Matka games with our free Matka guessing that we post using AI & ML Algorithms. The Matka game passing record is available in the Matka guessing charts. Play Matka Online with the fixed Matka numbers from the Matka Office by calling our Admin. Many VIP members have become Millionaires by playing the VIP Matka games. We predict the most accurate Matka result by using Astrology & Numerology. Try your luck today! Call us now, play the winning Matka numbers and become a Satta King today!

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