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Matka Guessing

Matka tips today
Open: 2 6 4 1
Open Panna: 246 268 158 137
Jodi: 24 61 45 18
Close: 0 9 7 5
Close Panna: 370 360 278 249
Open: 5 4 2 0
Open Panna: 230 167 246 460
Jodi: 58 43 20 07
Close: 11:30 AM
Close Panna: 11:30 AM
Open: 11:05 AM
Open Panna: 11:05 AM
Jodi: 11:05 AM
Close: 12:05 PM
Close Panna: 12:05 PM
Open: 12:30 PM
Open Panna: 12:30 PM
Jodi: 12:30 PM
Close: 01:30 PM
Close Panna: 01:30 PM
Open: 12:35 PM
Open Panna: 12:35 PM
Jodi: 12:35 PM
Close: 02:05 PM
Close Panna: 02:05 PM
Open: 01:00 PM
Open Panna: 01:00 PM
Jodi: 01:00 PM
Close: 02:00 PM
Close Panna: 02:00 PM
Open: 02:30 PM
Open Panna: 02:30 PM
Jodi: 02:30 PM
Close: 04:30 PM
Close Panna: 04:30 PM
Open: 02:30 PM
Open Panna: 02:30 PM
Jodi: 02:30 PM
Close: 04:30 PM
Close Panna: 04:30 PM
Open: 03:15 PM
Open Panna: 03:15 PM
Jodi: 03:15 PM
Close: 05:15 PM
Close Panna: 05:15 PM
Open: 06:30 PM
Open Panna: 06:30 PM
Jodi: 06:30 PM
Close: 07:30 PM
Close Panna: 07:30 PM
Open: 08:00 PM
Open Panna: 08:00 PM
Jodi: 08:00 PM
Close: 10:00 PM
Close Panna: 10:00 PM
Open: 08:00 PM
Open Panna: 08:00 PM
Jodi: 08:00 PM
Close: 10:00 PM
Close Panna: 10:00 PM
Open: 08:30 PM
Open Panna: 08:30 PM
Jodi: 08:30 PM
Close: 10:30 PM
Close Panna: 10:30 PM
Open: 09:00 PM
Open Panna: 09:00 PM
Jodi: 09:00 PM
Close: 11:15 PM
Close Panna: 11:15 PM
Open: 09:05 PM
Open Panna: 09:05 PM
Jodi: 09:05 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Open: 09:30 PM
Open Panna: 09:30 PM
Jodi: 09:30 PM
Close: 11:35 PM
Close Panna: 11:35 PM
Matka Guessing

Matka Guessing Today

Matka Passing Record
Sridevi Night Open 7 Pass
Madhur Day Close 7 Pass
Milan Morning Close 7 Pass
Kalyan Morning Open 5 Pass

Satta Matta Matka: Free Matka Guessing & Tips to Win Matka Game Today

Satta Matka, often referred to as Satta Matta Matka or simply Satta, is a widely played lottery game that started in 1962 with Kalyan Bhagat's introduction of Worli Matka. The game revolves around predicting numbers such as Matka Jodi, Matka Patti, Matka Open, and Close. When your chosen number aligns with the day's Matka Result, you emerge victorious. Winning with the highest bid can earn you the prestigious title of Matka King.

At SattaMatkaz, we are dedicated to providing players with reliable Matka game tips, assured Matka numbers, and strategic insights. Whether you are interested in Kalyan Matka, Satta Matta Matka, or Satta Batta, our platform ensures you receive the fastest results and expert guessing advice to enhance your chances of winning and mitigating losses.

Our expertise lies in Matka Guessing, offering precise results and comprehensive charts for Indian Matka games. We aim to guide you through the intricacies of Satta Matka with our accurate predictions and daily fixed numbers. Our services also include VIP Matka games and advanced Matka software, all designed to boost your success rate.

Formerly known as FixMatka, SattaMatkaz stands out for its highly accurate Matka Guessing, powered by cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms. Our detailed Matka passing records and guessing charts are testament to our success. Play Matka online with our fixed numbers and join our thriving VIP community. Many have achieved significant wins through our precise predictions, which incorporate astrology and numerology. Take a chance today—contact our admin, play the winning numbers, and you could be the next Satta King!

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